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Payment in full is required on booking.

Black Cat Group of Companies Terms & Conditions of Carriage including Bus, Coach and Minibus Hire Services - Revision 7

1. The liability of the company upon claims in respect of any private hire, tour, holiday or excursion shall not exceed the amount paid for any such holiday, tour or excursion.

2. The company do not accept responsibility for any loss, inconvenience, distress or damage due to transport delay for whatever reason or misdirection or loss of or damage to your luggage or effects, unless caused by negligence of a servant or agent of this company and then only to the extent provided for clause 1 above.

3. The company will be under no liability for death or personal injury NOT resulting from negligence as defined in the Unfair Contracts Act 1977.

4. Prices, itineraries, hotel accommodation and transport arrangements are liable to alteration WITHOUT notice for any cause which Black Cat Travel Ltd (or any subsidiary companies) considers necessary, and the company reserves the right to substitute other vehicle(s), or services for those named.

5. Additionally, the company reserves the right to change, prior to departure, any increase due to in fluctuations in the costs on which the prices are advertised were based, such increases only being made where they are necessary for reasons beyond our control.

6. All coach hires must be paid for in full, before the date of travel. If booked more than 14 days before the date of travel a non-refundable deposit will be charges with the balance due to be paid no later than 14 days before the date of travel. For a booking placed within 14 days of the date of travel full payment must be made on booking and is non-refundable. If full payment is not received either on booking or 14 days prior to the date of travel the coach hire will not be operated. Deposit payments must be made by debit or credit card only. Under certain circumstances your booking may only be accepted if payment is made by bank transfer or the use of a chip and pin machine in person, not over the phone.

7. Only customers with a credit account will be granted credit. Credit accounts must be settled in full within a maximum of 30 days of the date of travel unless stated differently on invoice. Accounts not settled will be subject to the addition of interest charges, admin fee’s and legal costs.

8. If a change in your coach hire arrangements is unavoidable, we shall contact you as soon as possible.

9. In the interests of the majority of passengers, the company reserves the right to refuse to carry, or continue to carry any passenger(s) causing inconvenience or annoyance to other passengers, staff or members of the public.

10. The company reserves the right to decline to accept, or cancel, any booking or to terminate the coach hire for any person or any group of persons at any time WITHOUT being under any obligation to give reasons therefore. In the event of the company exercising this right, the company shall be under no obligation to the person(s) affected other than to refund any monies paid by person for such person(s) for such bookings, or where the coach hire has already commenced, to refund such amount as the company, at its discretion, considers reasonable in respect of the uncompleted portion. This condition may also be invoked if passengers do not follow instructions on social distancing relating to COVID-19 or other pandemic/government guidelines.

11. In the event of a booking being changed by the client from previously stated details, a minimum charge of £25.00+vat per booking will be made. No refunds can be made on cancellations received by us less than 14 days before the date of departure including new bookings made within this time frame. If the reason for cancellation falls within the terms of any holiday/travel insurance policy, or is paid in full on a credit card, then such changes will normally be refunded by the insurance company. BCT will be happy to assist with this if proof is required by your travel insurance company.

12. Any cancellation of booking will be charged at the following rates: In excess of 14 Days prior to the departure date the full hire charges except any admin or deposit amount paid will be refunded. 14 days or less 100% of the total hire charges. Cancellations for any reason will not be exempt from this policy including acts of God or Pandemic. Should the cancellation be initiated by Black Cat Travel, except under section 10 above, then a refund may be issued at the discretion of the management only.

13. Coaches will endeavour to be at the picking up point before the allocated time stated on your coach hire confirmation, however the booked time is the time your transport will arrive. The company cannot accept responsibility for liability arising from late arrivals caused by traffic delays, weather, accidents, or acts of god.

14. Coach Hire charges are based upon time and mileage. If the coach hire exceeds the time stated on your coach hire confirmation or diverts to a different or longer route the company will make additional charges at its own discretion. Any road tolls or parking charges added as a result of changed arrangements must be paid for by the group organiser at the time directly and any excess charges paid to the company before commencement. Any none pre-booked stops or waiting time on airport runs may also be charged for additionally. Waiting time will be charged if the vehicle(s) are delayed more than 15 minutes from the agreed departure time. The duty crew/management will attempt to make contact with the nominated group leader upon reaching this time. It is the responsibility of the group leader to update the company of any change to contact details. Due to driver’s hour’s rules and regulations and other commitments for the vehicle(s) it may not be legally/physically possible to delay the journey. If no contact can be made within the 15 min over run time or delaying is not possible then the vehicle(s) will depart without your party aboard. No refund will be issued if your party does not return to the vehicle(s) at the allotted time, and the company accepts no responsibility for and out of pocket expenses encored. If waiting time is to apply the amount of time will dependent upon driver’s hours rules as well as other commitments for the vehicle with a minimum £45 per hour or their part of. VAT will be applied to bookings of 12 or less persons. This is payable at the time of the departure either in cash to the driver or over the phone by credit/debit card.

15. Setting down of passengers must be set down at the point at which they booked on the confirmation. If they ask to be set down on route between setting down points the coach will do so at the discretion of the driver who will contact the office or transport manager for permission. Return pick up point will be as specified on the booking confirmation or the drop-off point if none is specified separately. Should you wish to change this it is your responsibility to contact the company directly, not ask the driver to do so as it may be a different driver on the return trip. Should no contact be made the booking will continue as per the booking confirmation. Coaches will not normally divert from the setting down route to set down passengers, and any attempt to do so may be refused.

16. Animals will not normally be carried on BCT vehicles. Dogs, if carried, must not be allowed on the seats and must be on a lead at all times. Other animals must be caged.

17. SMOKING, E-CIGARETTES & VAPING. It is against the law to smoke on any of our vehicles and is both Lincolnshire County Council/Company Policy to not accept any E-cigarettes or Vaping to be used on board.

18. SEAT BELTS. Seat Belts must be worn at all times by law. It is the responsibility of the group leader (see condition 25) to ensure all passengers are aware of this law. Persons under the age of 14 are the responsibility of the driver and group leader to ensure they are correctly worn. A driver is within their rights not to move the vehicle whilst seat belts are not being worn.

19. Vehicles are fitted with CCTV, images held are covered by the Data Protection Act & BCT CCTV Policy, a copy is available on request.

20. FOOD. Hot and Cold meals, snacks, drinks etc cannot be carried or consumed in the cabin of our vehicles.

21. Portable Music Systems can only be used with personal headphones at a volume level other passenger cannot hear.

22. DAMAGE. The Company reserves the right to claim compensation from a passenger or group leader for any loss from damage caused to the coach, or drivers or other persons property by that passenger. This will be done without further notification and charged to the person booking the trip’s card details if held on file. By signing this confirmation, you are agreeing to accept this charge in full. A receipt will be forwarded to the email address on file of the charges made.

23. LITTER. Must be taken off the coach with you. If additional refuse containers are needed for any reason, please ask the driver. The company reserve the right to make charges for extra coach cleaning resulting from litter being discarded on the coach. Charges may apply for disposal of waste. By signing this confirmation, you are agreeing to accept this charge in full. A receipt will be forwarded to the email address on file of the charges made.

24. Sickness. The company reserves the right to make any charges for extra coach cleaning resulting from any self-inflicted sickness. In the event of a passenger feeling unwell the driver must be advised immediately.

25. ALCOHOL. Any sort of alcohol is NOT to be carried or consumed on any coach at any time. The company reserves the right to cancel nor operate any trip in which the passenger or group leader have failed to comply with condition 23.

26. SOILING CHARGE. A minimum soiling charge of £75+VAT is in force on all vehicles. This will be increased to cover any additional expenses resulting from the soiling of the vehicle. By signing this confirmation, you are agreeing to accept this charge in full. A receipt will be forwarded to the email address on file of the charges made.

27. These terms and conditions cannot be varied or altered or waived by any servant or representative of the company, or by any other person providing services on the journey.

28. Data Protection (GDPR) – Your personal details will only be kept for the minimum time required for your booking, any request for information and/or deleting of information should be sent to the data controller at Black Cat Travel Ltd by email only. Details of your booking including your personal data (except payment details) may be passed to relevant authorities e.g. Police, Immigration and Customs if required/requested by the relevant authority. In this document, “group leader” is deemed to be the person named on the invoice and/or coach hire confirmation If credit/debit card details have been given upon booking these details will be retained only for as long is necessary before being destroyed. Should under any of the above terms and conditions a charge be made this will be charged directly to the card details held on file without prior notification. Business & Corporation cards will have an additional 3% fee added.

29. By continuing your booking and either paying more than the non-refundable deposit or the balance payment/Part payment, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions in this document and any subsequent revisions issued after the date of booking. You are also agreeing that the details listed on the confirmation are correct and accept that the booking will be conducted as specified. For bookings made 14 days or less than the date of travel there will be no cooling off period and the terms and conditions will be accepted in full on payment of the deposit. This alleviates the need to sign this document

Definitions of bookings.

Quote – Quotes are issued by phone, text or email, at this stage no booking has been made, no vehicle is reserved, and no monies have been transferred/charges made. Quotes are free of charge and are under no obligation.

Booking – A booking is made/confirmed either in writing or by verbal confirmation. By confirming the booking, you are bound by our terms and conditions through verbal/written contract under UK Contact Law. Bookings will then also be confirmed in writing either by email or post by our Booking Confirmation.

Booking Confirmation – Sets out the details of your booking. This will only be issued once, and amendments will have to be manually made and incorrect details clearly deleted before being signed and returned.

Cancellation – Cancellations can only be made to confirmed bookings. Charges may apply, please see section 11.
Revision 7 – 14th May 2020.